Real-Time Analytics Development and Deployment

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Real-time analytics is rapidly changing the landscape for deployment of decision support capability. The challenges of supporting extreme service levels in the areas of performance, availability, and data freshness demand new methods for data warehouse construction. Particular attention is paid to architectural topologies for successful implementation and the role of frameworks for Microservices deployment. In this workshop we will discuss evolution of data warehousing technology and new methods for meeting the associated service levels with each stage of evolution.

Modernising Your Data Warehouse and Analytic Ecosystem

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This full-day workshop examines the emergence of new trends in data warehouse implementation and the deployment of analytic ecosystems.  We will discuss new platform technologies such as columnar databases, in-memory computing, and cloud-based infrastructure deployment.  We will also examine the concept of a “logical” data warehouse – including and ecosystem of both commercial and open source technologies.  Real-time analytics and in-database analytics will also be covered.  The implications of these developments for deployment of analytic capabilities will be discussed with examples in future architecture and implementation. This workshop also presents best practices for deployment of next generation analytics using AI and machine learning.