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Working effectively with data requires more than basic analytics tool. Critical thinking skills are also vital.

Working with data effectively requires more than the basic data analytics toolset. The necessity of well applied critical thinking skills when working with data cannot be understated. Crucial skills include tracking assumptions, their origins, their implications, and most importantly, the validity of inferences drawn from them. These necessary skills can be easily overlooked in the context of creating and applying particular analytics tool chains and models. This is unfortunate, as these skills are essential to preventing insidious foundational errors from creeping into data projects.

The two day Critical Thinking for Data Analytics course aims at developing these critical thinking skills. The course spans a broad range of topics, including some technical content, but focuses on cultivating a high level understanding of what applying critical thinking skills requires. The course is delivered not only in the form of presentations, but also through practical exercises, as well as reference material and notes.

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