An effective data analytics strategy in any organisation needs a program to build organisational culture around data; its ethical use, understanding, acceptance and its place in the daily conversation of what matters at all levels. Literacy around data, its purpose and management drives the development of that culture.

AI and Data Science for Managers and Executives

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Improve your project’s chance of success by avoiding common failures in AI and data science projects. This one-day workshop is aimed at current or aspiring leaders and managers of AI / machine learning teams and functions. The focus of the course is on the key concepts that are required to avoid the most common and far too frequent failures in AI projects and initiatives.

Data Literacy for Everyone

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This course is for managers and workers without a strong quantitative background. It introduces a range of skills and applications related to data literacy for digital transformations and critical thinking in such areas as forecasting, population measurement, set theory and logic, causal impact and attribution, scientific reasoning and the danger of cognitive biases. There are no prerequisites beyond high-school mathematics; this course has been designed to be approachable for everyone.

Data Visualisation and Communication

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This course prepares data analytics professionals to communicate analytics results to business audiences, in a business context while being mindful of the skills, incentives, priorities and psychology of the audience. It also equips analysts [...]

Critical Thinking for Data Analytics

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This course is a vital first step in the data literacy journey, and the one that introduces the most vital and basic skills of the effective 21st century professional or leader. Working with data is not just about manipulating software tools : it is first and foremost about effective reasoning, using all available information. As such, this course loads the key “software” into the most vital hardware of the business - the human professional, enabling them to reason effectively with data, and thus realise the value that data analytics promises, deriving more reliable and correct insights and making better decisions.

Your Successful Digital Business Case

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All participants in digital transformation will need to be digital business case literate in an automated, decision-focused future. This course is designed to increase non-expert level ability to competently turn data into concise data storytelling. It teaches you how to apply the right numbers to transform the story into a business benefit calculation, so that both parts are well understood by technical and business decision makers within a company. This course covers a broad range of business skills, including telling a concise story based on data (business storytelling), techniques to simplify and abstract complex situations and sharpening data stories to apply financial figures to the resulting business case.

Intro to R (+ data visualisation)

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This R training course will introduce you to the R programming language, teaching you to create functions and customise code so you can manipulate data and begin to use R self-sufficiently in your work. R is the world’s most popular data mining and statistics package. It’s also free, and easy to use, with a range of intuitive graphical interfaces.

Intro to Python for Data Analysis

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Python is a high-level, general-purpose language used by a thriving community of millions. Data-science teams often use it in their production environments and analysis pipelines, and it’s the tool of choice for elite data-mining competition winners and deep-learning innovations. This course provides a foundation for using Python in exploratory data analysis and visualisation, and as a stepping stone to machine learning.

Data Governance I

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This two day course provides an informed, realistic and comprehensive foundation for establishing best practice data governance in your organisation. Suitable for every level from CDO to executive to data steward, this highly practical course will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to successfully create and implement a data governance strategy and roadmap.

Best Practices in Enterprise Information Management

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The effective management of enterprise information for analytics deployment requires best practices in the areas of people, processes, and technology. In this talk we will share both successful and unsuccessful practices in these areas. The scope of this workshop will involve five key areas of enterprise information management: (1) metadata management, (2) data quality management, (3) data security and privacy, (4) master data management, and (5) data integration.

Agile Insights

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This course presents a process and methods for an agile analytics delivery. Agile Insights reflects the capabilities required by any organization to develop insights from data and validating potential business value.Content presented describes the process, how it is executed and how it can be deployed as a standard process inside an organization. The course will also share best practices, highlight potential tripwires to watch out for, as well as roles and resources required.

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