Persuasive Presenting Masterclass

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This is a highly interactive masterclass that has transformed the careers of many analytics and technical teams in the past. It goes well beyond just ‘presenting’ and its influence and affect bridges across to communication as a whole. It is run by Michelle Bowden, a 20+ year veteran and recognised leader in persuasive presentation skills and a coach to many business leaders. Group sizes are limited to only 10 people – the learning experience is interactive, personalised, and packed with personal coaching from Michelle.

Leadership and Resilience Skills for Data Professionals

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Many people today have been developed emotionally and mentally for an era that no longer really exists. This has created a critical soft-skills gap between current workforce ability and business requirements today. In this course participants learn to ‘readapt’ their soft skills so that they are aligned with a thriving 21st century business. They are also given a simple framework from which to continue the self-development so that the training instigates sustainable change.

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