Executive Curriculum Adv Electives

Data Visualisation and Communication

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This course prepares data analytics professionals to communicate analytics results to business audiences, in a business context while being mindful of the skills, incentives, priorities and psychology of the audience. It also equips analysts [...]

Data Governance II

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This one day course builds on the foundation of Data Governance I, and dives deeper into selected areas that are designed to provide the most practical and real-world applications of data governance. It includes the change management journey to the “data-driven” organisation, and implications of the necessity of model governance in the context of data science, AI/ML initiatives and RPA/IPA .

Real-Time Analytics Development and Deployment

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Real-time analytics is rapidly changing the landscape for deployment of decision support capability. The challenges of supporting extreme service levels in the areas of performance, availability, and data freshness demand new methods for data warehouse construction. Particular attention is paid to architectural topologies for successful implementation and the role of frameworks for Microservices deployment. In this workshop we will discuss evolution of data warehousing technology and new methods for meeting the associated service levels with each stage of evolution.

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